Carin Rodebjer is back in town, showing for the first time in years tonight at Fashion Week Stockholm.  Also we are thrilled that she is back as one of our guests at STYLEBY Trend Talks on September 15th!

Welcome back Carin! ”Thank you.”

How does it feel to be back? ”It’s fun to be back. I’ve been away quite a while and Sweden has changed in the last five years. RODEBJER has also changed and grown a lot, so for this season I’m bringing New York to Stockholm instead by inviting some great people I’ve met while living in NY.”

It’s quite an intimate SS17 presentation. What are your expectations for tonight? ”My plan is to have fun with new and old friends from Stockholm and New York. I will also celebrate a collection that I’m very proud of.”

Explain the mood behind the collection? ”I was inspired by The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago, a very intense and rich piece of art. The idea of the collection was to take that richness and intensity and counterbalance it with strict and sporty elements.”

What is your favorite piece from the SS17 collection? ”A pink organza dress tunic and an embossed shell coat.”

You have chosen to show your SS17 collection with a strict photo ban, is it a statement against the traditional fashion cycle and what lead to that decision?  ”It isn’t a statement against anything, it’s more about what we want to communicate with the collection when we actually release it in the stores. The regular press will be able to work as usua, it only affects social media. The traditional fashion cycle isn’t traditional any longer since we now have social media. It used to be a business-to-business event but today it’s open to everyone and it makes it very illogical for the customers who have to wait another half year to be able to buy the clothes.”

Is there any fear of going against the ”traditional fashion cycle”? ”No, I don’t work with fear. We have a strong strategy that makes sense for us. We’re not doing this to work against the fashion cycle; we’re doing this to work with our customers.  I love the fashion business and we would never work against it if it weren’t for a strategy we strongly believed in.”

See Carin Rodebjer on stage at STYLEBY Trend Talks. Buy your ticket here!