Travel light: 5 Statement Pieces

Five statement pieces that makes you stand out on your city vacation. Make packing easier and bring only a few essentials. We show you the way.

The most trendy shoe this summer is most def the slip in. Not only is it super comfy, it also works perfect for both a daytime walk in the park or for drinks by night.

Top, Wolford, 2 910 kr/300 euro.
Blazer, Acne Studios, 8 500 kr/ 920 euro.
Slip in, Acne Studios, 4 000 kr/430 euro.
Pant, Zara, 699 kr/75 euro.

Clean and minimalistic gold rings are on the top of our wish list right now and we want to carry at least two on each hand.

Top, Back, 695 kr/75 euro.
Rings, Emma Israelsson, 1 495 kr st/160 euro each.

This season we spot it on everything from shoes to bags and a favorite of ours – the pant. Wear it with simple basics and add a pair of heels in the evening.

Body, H&M, 299 kr/30 euro.
Pants, Mango, 449 kr/50 euro.

Small details makes a big difference. The black dress is always a favorite but this time of the year we want to get a glimpse of skin with cut out details.

Dress, Maurie & Eve, 1 070 kr/115 euro.
Earring, Back, 1 195 kr/130 euro.
Necklace, Maria Nilsdotter, 1 700 kr/185 euro.

Leather jacket season is upon us and could be worn everywehere. Wear it with a low neck top and washed out denim. Simple and chic – just the way we like it.

Top, Reformation, 480 kr/52 euro.
Jacket, Stand, 4 500 kr/485 euro.
Jeans, Levi’s, 999 kr/105 euro.
Necklace, Maria Nilsdotter, 1 800 kr/195 euro.
Ring, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, 17 500 kr/ 1 950 euro.

Photo Pauline Suzor
Stylist Mikaela Hållén
Hair & makeup Pari Damani/Hall&Lundgren
Photograper assistant Ellen Nykvist
Model Olivia/Nisch Management