Scents Your Fragrance Wardrobe Needs This Summer

Treat your perfume collection like your wardrobe, change it up with the seasons! Sunkissed skin, sea breeze and fresh cut flowers – let your favourite summer elements guide you to the right scent.

Captures the warmth of the sun and creates a salty skin scent with florals of freesia and frangipani. Milky vanilla and a touch of iris compose the warm base.
Giorgio Armani Sun Di Gioia EdP, 490 SEK/52 €.



Fresh, gender free fragrance that balances crispness with warmth thanks to notes like wasabi, rose absolute, wet cobblestone and sandalwood.
Calvin Klein CK2 EdT, 395 SEK/ 42 €.


An homage to the original scent, and the classic Gucci flower pattern, first used on a Gucci scarf in 1966. Rose, Osmanthus and Peony are the major notes in this new fragrance.
Gucci Flora EdT Anniversary Edition, 695 SEK/74 €.


Photo Christoffer Dalkarls
Art direction/set design Magnus Klahr