The Best Face Masks Reviewed

Give your skin a boost and become your own esthetician. We rounded up the best face masks on the block for glowing skin all year long!

Face products

MASSAGE MASK: Chanel Le Lift Massage Mask (845 SEK)
Instead of hardening, this mask becomes smooth and oily when applied to the skin. The texture is perfect for a face massage. Chanel has designed four unique massage techniques for shaping, lifting and draining, and a face massage is the perfect to help your skin absorb more of the nourishing ingredients. Use any excess on your hands and cuticles. And the sweet smell of Neroli is pure spa luxury!

SMOOTHING MASK: Nuxe Splendieuse Masque – Anti-Dark Spot Perfecting Mask (450 SEK/60 euro)
Sheet masks are all the rage in the beauty world right now. Nuxe facial sheets combat pigment spots with Vitamin C. Though the price may seem a little steep for six masks, each cloth is soaked in a lot of formula. They are super concentrated with twenty-one ml of formula per cloth. A standard bottle of serum usually contains between thirty and fifty ml. When you think of it that way, it is almost a bargain. Vitamin C is a highly sensitive ingredient that loses its efficacy when exposed to sunlight and oxygen. The individual packs actually preserve the integrity of each sheet mask.

PURYFYING MASK: Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay, circa 285 kr/30 euro.
Mud masks are known for their detoxifying and absorbent abilities; however, they often feel too rough and abrasive on the skin. Origins’ absorbs beautifully without drying out the skin. It’s perfect for those with combination skin. Micro-peeling gently exfoliates the skin as the mask is removed, leaving skin clean and refreshed. We recommend using a thin layer the driest parts of your skin

HYDRATING MASK: Caudalie Moisturizing Mask, circa 295 kr/32 euro.
This mask has it all. In addition to moisturizing ingredients like glycerin it contains nourishing grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid. This combo of nourishing ingredients leaves the skin looking beautiful and feeling soft after fifteen minutes. Watch as dry spots and redness disappear in a flash! Apply a small amount under the eyes to eliminate dry skin and wrinkles. This mask can also be used as a day cream in small amounts. 

NIGHTMASK: Lancôme Hydra Zen Night Mask, circa 595 kr/65 euro.
The jelly texture is moisturizing yet light. Suited for people with dry to combination and normal skin, it works well for everyone in need of a little extra moisture. A common trick among beauty junkies is to wear the mask overnight for maximum effects. Keep in mind that not all masks are suitable to wear while you sleep; however, Lancôme’s mask is specially designed for night time use. It has a slightly sticky texture that prevents it from rubbing off while you sleep. Wake up to skin that feels fresh, moisturized and recharged!

Photo Jason Lloyd-Evans