Editor-In-Chief Jonna Bergh on Hair Stardom

They say your hair constitutes half your look. Honestly, I believe it’s much much more!


If you asked me how much time and money I’ve spent on my hair over the years, I would mumble and change the subject.

To maintain freshly cut and coloured locks is expensive to say the least; however, one night it saved me a fortune. It was in the late 90s, and all the stylish people knew that the coolest thing to do was colour your hair partially black. Of course, I did it. I visited Copenhagen shortly after to see and interview, my Spice Girls, hero Melanie C. The gig in Christiania was amazing. I was with me a fried, who at the time starred in an entertainment program on television. We jumped in a taxi after the show and asked the driver to take us to Copenhagen’s number one spot, the club everyone was talking about. “You will never get in there,” said the taxi driver. “The bouncers are too tough and you are not cool enough!”. “Take us there and we’ll see,” I insisted, sounding more confident than I felt.

When we arrived, I stepped out of the taxi and the insanely long line didn’t boost my confidence. Help. That queue was very, very long. The club’s managers didn’t come off as friendly either. The taxi driver shot me a grin. That’s when it happened. One of the club’s managers saw us and pointed (a rare moment that being 190 cm with heels on was made for). Suddenly the queue split in two – like Moses himself had parted the sea. I saw the taxi driver’s jaw drop as me and my friend marched up to the entrance. “I never thought I would be so happy about the fact that they air Swedish TV in Denmark,” I said and high five my friend who’s glowing with the joy of knowing his fame got us in.

We were taken to a secluded VIP-area. Shortly after, an expensive bottle of champagne arrived at our table. We poured glasses and indulged. The bottles kept coming. “Thank god it’s for free, or we would have to do tonight’s dishes to get out of here,” my TV-star friend remarked. I am truly impressed by the royal treatment my friend is getting us. I quickly shake the feeling that it’s me everyone is looking at. The night is full of champagne and interesting conversations with Danes. People stop at our table (to speak to me?).

When we are ready to leave, a bartender from the VIP section notices and dared to ask me if I: “can you sign a demo for me?” Since I’ve never recorded a demo, I look at him confused and take note of, The Cardigans song he’s holding in his hand, My favourite Game. Me and my friend look at each other, both realizing what’s going on. In the video directed by Jonas Åkerlund, Nina Persson drives a car wearing a black top. She sports the same blond and black tresses that I had at the time! They thought I was Nina Persson from The Cardigans! That explains all the champagne, why they were blasting The Cardigans-hits all night long.

Panic set in. It was only a matter of moments before were to be revealed as frauds, and then we’d have debt the size of Denmark. In a state of alarm, I sign his demo (sorry Nina!) and run out of there with enormous guilt. At least still I still had my money. Nina Persson and I don’t look anything alike. The combination of my hairstyle and Swedish accent, had Copenhagen thinking I was an MTV superstar. This anecdote speaks to the the importance of your look – and private economy. Today I don’t colour my hair – what you see in this picture is my natural hair colour. And, I pay my own restaurant bills and champagne tab.

Photo Pauline Suzor