Nail Trends for Spring 2016 – Expert Tips and Nail Polish Trends

Short, well-kept and bright, these are the leading nail trends. Beauty editor, Anja Skeppe Grahn, reveals her clever tricks for nailing salon style mani at home.

Nail Trends & Expert Tips

The future looks bright. In New York lacquer in nude, beige, pink and white dominated the nails of the autumn shows. This has us excited for refined and clean nails. The cashmere matte varnish at Proenza Schouler was a touch on the experimental side, yet remained within the same color universe we’ve been seeing. We love a strong nail look though it can be difficult to master at home.

To get your at-home mani lasting longer we rounded up a few tricks. They will keep your nails looking runway ready in no time! Start by looking after your hands regularly. Make sure to use a hand sanitizer (or alcohol gel) on your nails before starting your manicure. This helps remove fat and grease. Move onto the base and then your top coat. To extend the life of your mani, and have it last at least ten days, invest in a good nail oil. We cannot go on enough about oil – it strengthens the entire nailbed. Apply oil to your cuticles, and under the tops of your nails. This helps maximize absorption from both under and over each nail. It doubles up one the efficacy and makes the nails more flexible.

Discolouration occurs when the nails come in contact with things that leave a residue. After all, that is what your hands are for. Wearing a coloured polish with a lot of yellow pigment and no base coat may also cause your nails to turn. Here are some clever tricks to help. Lemon whitens to a certain point but use denture cleaning tablets for the most impressive results. You can pick some up at a local pharmacy. Put the tablets in a bath and then soak your fingers. It purifies and the nails become beautiful!

When it comes to bright nails, the polish can be difficult to get even. People commonly make the make off pressing the brush too hard. But in order to avoid stripes with these beautiful brights a gently hand is necessary. Professionals put a lot of polish on their brush and gently stroke it on –never press it.