Scandinavian Spring: 6 Stunning Piece’s of Jewelry

Scandinavia is offering not only great fashion, but also amazing pieces of jewelry that set the mood for any occasion. We wanted to share some of our favorite pieces with you. Enjoy!

Invest in classic and stunning pieces like these with pearls, or why not a gold leaf? Great additions to any jewelry box since pieces like these seem to never go out of style.

Gold Plated Silver with Freshwater Pearl, Tsavorite Eye & Black Diamonds, Maria Nilsdotter, 8 900 SEK/950 €.
18 karat gold leaf, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, 20 200 SEK/2 160 €.

Eternal fashion is all about finding the pieces you wear forever that make you stand out from anyone else. We believe that rings can make that happen, and they’re a simple way of adding something special before you walk out the door.

Gold ring with amethyst, Engelbert, 23 975 SEK/2 564 €.
18 karat rose gold ring with brilliant, Georg Jensen, 27 300 SEK/2 920 €.

Go from day wear to evening wear with a statement necklace. Don’t be afraid to use only one earpiece and make that one a statement piece.

Sterling silver necklace, Drakenberg Sjölin, 2 590 SEK/277 €.
Sterling silver earring, Sara Robertsson, 2 600 SEK/278 €.

Photo Christoffer Dalkarls
Set design Magnus Klahr