Out Now: STYLEBY Beautypodd Episode 3 “Groomzillas”

Now you can find episode 3 “Groomzillas” of STYLEBY's Beauty podcast “STYLEBY Beautypodd” (it's in Swedish) on iTunes, Podcaster and the Acast app!

Our hosts dives deep into the exciting subjects of weddings. Beauty editor Anja Skeppe Grahn and co-host Camilla Åstrand discuss and suggest how to stay out of the bridezilla stress zone, how to plan your beauty look to make sure you look like the best version of yourself, as well as the best tools to make your look last all night long.
Anja also enchants us with the story about her stylish Paris wedding – everything from how she escaped the stress about looking perfect to which of the Paris fashion week shows her hair stylist left to do her hair. In addition to that, add date night rituals, well-dressed Italian men and Anja’s top hairdressers in Paris and Stockholm and there you go – all you need to hear to spice up the start of the week. Enjoy!
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