News: STYLEBY Beauty Podcast!

Great news for all of our Swedish-speaking beauty fans – the first episode of STYLEBY's very first podcast is now here for you to enjoy!


STYLEBY Beautypodd is hosted by our magnificent Beauty Editor, Anja Skeppe Grahn, togehter with STYLEBY friend, Camilla Åstrand (beauty lover, Pr Manager and Style Consultant).

Anja, tell us all about it!
”Camilla and I will be discussing everything connected to beauty – from the latest serums to bigger questions about how social media affects our attitude towards beauty. Like many other women, beauty’s a passion of mine and it’s so fun getting to dig deeper into this subject together with Camilla.”

What can one expect from the podcast that you can’t find in the magazine or here at
”For instance, the listeners will get an insight into what it’s like to work at a fashion media brand such as STYLEBY. I know that this is something a lot of our clients are interested in. I’ve been working as a Beauty Editor for a long time now and over the years I have learned a lot. I’ve got some stories to tell about what happens behind the scenes! There will also be a lot of beauty advice and how-to’s – I get to test a lot of products and treatments at work, and of course I’ll be sharing this with all of you.”

What is the first episode about?
”This is of course a special episode, where you as a listener will get to know us a bit better. I’m also revealing my three absolutely most important advice towards healthy skin and Camilla shares with you her favourite products.”

There will be a new episode out each Sunday. What will you cover in the two upcoming episodes?
”We’ll be speaking about social media and how it has changed our attitude towards beauty, in ways both good and bad. We’re going to tell you how to look your best at Instagram – you don’t want to miss that! You can also expect a wedding episode as a lot of women are getting married right now. I’m going to tell you about my own wedding, but after a certain big and exciting wedding that got a lot of attention last summer, I would say that Camilla is an expert within the field…”

How interested do you need to be, to be able to enjoy this podcast? Do you have to be a ”beauty junkie”?
”No, I wouldn’t say that at all! Even someone with just the slightest interest in the subject will have a lot to gain, I hope.”

Our last question: Please tell us about a really good makeup product right now?
”Check out the super lovely palette Sun Deigner Palett by By Terry, recommended in the new issue of STYLEBY out this week!”

You can download STYLEBY Beautypodd from the Acast app today, and you’ll also find it on Podcaster. It will be out on iTunes shortly.