New Jeans Line Inspired by Metallica – and Lars Ulrich is the Photographer!

Metallica´s drummer boy Lars Ulrich is not only going for a new job as a radio host att Swedish summer classic ”Sommar i P1” – he´s also working as a fashion photographer.


That a jeans brand once and again get inspired by the rock n’ roll biz is no surprise. Denim and rock has the same dna and has been best friends forever. The material has ben sung about by the likes of Saxon (”Denim and Leather”), The Donnas (”Dirty Denim”) and Kid Rock (”Blue Jean and a Rosary”) to name a few.

Metallica is one of the most successful band in rock and they were the inspiration for Citizens of Humanity when they now launch a capsule collection together with the webshop The band states that they are huge fans of the styles – and the fact it that Lars Ulrich, the Danish drummer and band leader (and also the first to host the classic radio show ”Sommar i P1” on Swedish Radio on the 25 of June) decided to get more even more involved. Lars is a multi talanted dude – he has shot the campaign pics on his wife, model Jessica Miller. Nice to see that Lars is the master of more than puppets!

 The capsule collection by Citizens of Humanity is about six pieces and will be sold online at by June 15th.