Netflicks: Styling Advice for How To Mix and Mesh

Mesh and fishnets are huge trends and have always been the stylists' favourite ways to spice up our fashion life. Here's a quick guide to our favorite net-a-porter ideas.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

A bit of mesh, or fishnets, often spice up the styling of a garment – show a netflick and the outfit is getting a bit more attitude. The spring shows were no exceptions. There was a mix of mesh all around the fashion capitals. We got down and drrrrty with some good ideas to nail your look.

TOP TIP 1 Pair net with… even more net! And two diffrents types of mesh look more exciting than the same in layers.


TOP TIP 2 There are other colours than black and white, you know?


TOP TIP 3 For extra fun use fishnet stockings in an unconventional way! It will make people take notice.


TOP TIP 4 A simple mesh tank top under a sleek jacket will give you an updated and super cool – but still sleek – look.



TOP TIP 5 Remember to layer with mesh and put it over old favorites. It makes a whole new look.

TOP TIP 6 Sometimes it’s just best to go all in!