Beauty by Cecilia Forss

Swedish actress Cecilia Forss is an expert of skincare but loves advice from her beauty team.

”I’ve always had a big interest in beauty, I like active products that gives result. I’ve never really had any problems with my skin, so I work with preventing and preserving. When it comes to make up and hair, I like to keep it natural so it looks like me. I’m a so called ’luxury bohemian’ – I spend my money on selected products of good quality – I think it’s important that my beauty is genuine.”

Cecilia Forss portrait

PROFESSIONAL HELP ”I’ve been seing my skin therapist Anneli for almost 10 years. When I moved to Stockholm I was recommended a place where she works, and today she has got her own business – Annelis Hudvård. I wouldn’t survive without her! I’ve learned so much from her, I could really see myself working with beauty and skincare. Anneli give’s me the treatments that I need, I completely trust her. I do a lot of backhead treaments and ’AHA’ because of my sun damaged skin.”

ACTIVE PRODUCTS ”I’ve been using ‘Image Skincare’ for five years and it’s the best. I’ve got a C-vitamine serum and a cream with SPF 50 that I use daily, all year – they even my skin and gives a luster. When I went to Mauritius I used it for the beach but it works just as well for every day. If I wake up feeling like a mashed potato my eye cream from ‘Beauté Pacific’ is a real saviour.”

EVERYDAY MAKE UP ”I start with some concealer and foundation from ‘Dior’ for wherever I need some cover – Diorskin Nude Air is brilliant. Tanning powder is also a part of my everyday make up routine. At the moment I’m using Guerlain, but I change a lot depending on the season. I bend my eyelashes before I use mascara – also from Dior. I love Dior. One of my dear friends Farao Groth works there and he has completely sold me. For my lips I use a shiny lip balm from Clarins.”

PARTY ”I always use the same base, but for a party I’ll add some eyeliner to make something happen. If it’s a special occasion, I’ll get help from my friend Therese Friberg, she works at Bangs in Stockholm. Other than being a great hair stylist she’s a make up professional so she helps me with both.”

HAIR ”For my role in ‘Black Widows’ they cut my hair and made it lighter, something you’ll always have to be prepared for. I like to get a make over for a new role, but it’s also nice to be able to have my hair the way I like it, that feels like “me”. Usually, my hairdresser Therese highlights my hair in a light tone, it’s gives a natural look. She helps me with shampoo and conditioner – usually it’s something from Redken. Dry shampoo is a must and I always keep a travel size in my bag. I like it when my hair feels a bit ’beachy’, so I use a salt water spray from Mastey to get the right feel. I also like to use products that give’s my hair some extra care, like a good hair oil.”

MANICURE ”As an actress I have to keep my nails natural mostly, but in between roles I get my nails done with some gel polish. I go to a beauty saloon called ‘Nail It’ in Stockholm – they understand how I like my nails. I don’t want to walk away from there looking like I’ve done something outrageous. I usually go for a light pink. It’s such a nice feeling having beautiful nails for weeks without having to pay much attention to them.”

MY CREW ”I’ve got a really great group of women in my network who helps me when I need it. Except for my skincare therapist Anneli and hair stylist Therese I’ve also got a great masseuse. I also do a treatment called ‘Body Talk’ regularly, it’s to do with Chakran. I easily let emotional stuff take up a lot of my time and let the practical things like paying bills wait, but this helps me to be grounded and focused. I’m so thrilled to have my crew! It’s so nice to be able to build a good relationship with people letting me trust them to do what’s best for me. They’re all extremely professional!”

SCENT ”I like Miss Dior Chèrie, I’ve been using it for years. It’s fresh, flowery and romantic – it works in all situations. I love perfume but not when they’re too heavy or masculine. I’m more drawn to soft, feminine scents.”

WELLNESS ”I’m finally back on track. After ‘Black Widows’ I really needed to strengthen my body again after a lot of travels, long days on set, intense schedule, few hours of sleep and bad food. It’s easier to have a good routine when you’re home. I try to exercise three times a week with my personal trainer. I never had to think about what I ate before but that changed when I turned 30. Now I want to eat healthy cause I feel so much better. Luckily it comes quite natural when you’re exercising, it goes hand in hand.”

Photo Pauline Suzor