Learn About Danish Style from the Best Dressed Danes

Thanks to fashion month the world has taken note — Danish style is a force to be reckoned with. STYLEBY hooked up with the best dressed Danes to learn more about their fashionable take on Scandi style.

Alexandra Carl, STYLEBY stylist and editor of Rika Magazine
Emma Leth, model (and rumors say she is the new face of Balenciaga for FW17).

Copenhagen fashion week

Describe Danish style? 
 “Danish style is minimal and characterized by layers. I think people in Denmark are good at dressing stylishly with a no-fuss vibe but still add something surprising to their outfits like a cool bag or coloured shoe.”
EMMA “I wouldn’t be able to answer that and I guess it’s because it depends. I think it is casual yet very sexy, but not in a high heels and short dress way.”

Which Danish woman with great style should we google?
 “Oh so many! Cecilie Toklum, Pernille Teisbæk, Maria Palm, Nanna Oland aka the singer Oh Land.”
E “I’ve always loved the look of Danish author Suzanne Brøgger. She was a big feminist and very successful writer in the early 1960s and still is. She’s worked with people like Henry Miller, and always wears a turban and dark eyeshadow. Last time I saw her she was wearing a pair of old Reebok dancing shoes with a long black dress and black and a white turban. I’m not sure anyone else could pull that outfit off.”

Where do you recommend we go when we’re in Copenhagen?
A “Go to Raw Café. I recently discovered it and the menu is so yummy. I love how peaceful it is – probably because the fashion crew hasn’t invaded it and hyped it yet. Eat at Geist, Pluto, Lúlú. If you want to escape the scene go to Bådudlejning, which is Danish for the boat rental. The food is incredible and you sit by the water so it’s perfect for hot summer nights. Also I’m a big fan of La Banchina. For shopping go to Holly Golightly or buy indulgent antiques at Beau Marche.”
E “I adore the restaurants Osteria16 and Spaghetteria. They are both owned by my friends Emil and Morten. It’s Italian cuisine with nothing fancy to it, just plain good food. There’s no menu to choose from, so they decide for you, which is probably the best way to eat if you ask me. They also just opened a supermarket, Un Mercato, where you can eat a proper lunch and buy amazing Italian ingredients. Mmmmm …”

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Geist, Holly Golightly, Osteria 16.


Danish labels to watch right now? 
 “Freya Dalsjø any day!”
E “I also love Freya Dalsjø and everything she designs. It’s timeless and uncompromising which I think are the keywords to survive and develop in the crazy fashion industry.”

Copenhagen Fashion Week

What’s a good Danish word to know? 
Mega godt, which means super great. I think Danes are quite positive people so it’s a useful sentence. It comes in handy when you’ve seen a good fashion show, had a great meal, are at a good party or even when enjoying a nice coffee. You can use it for pretty much everything if you want to embrace some Scandi optimism.”

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