Jayne Mins guide to Los Angeles: 17 Hot Spots to Visit

Stylist, Jayne Min takes us on a cool girl tour of L.A. See her favorite spots for eating, drinking and shopping. Beyond the tacky tourist traps is a laid back haven...


Jayne is a creative director, stylist and born and raised Cali girl. ”When people think of Californians they probably imagine chill blonde surfers, which is not too far off from the casual attitudes of people in L.A. It’s definitely laid back in L.A. Most people are into some sort of leisure, whether it’s going to the beach or hiking. Because the weather is consistently nice, people like to be outside making the most of it. Everyone overall enjoys a slower pace of life.”

The weather and active outdoor life reflects the way you dress in L.A.

”I would say that L.A. is more body conscious than other cities. Tight, short, skimpy looks are very popular here. I wish we had more cold weather, so that we could layer more and wear more coats.”

Now forget all about the Chateau Marmont, The Ivy and the Hollywood-sign. Jayne gives us an insider view on the other side of Los Angeles.

BREAKFAST & LUNCH Paramount Coffee Project ”This is my most frequented spot lately. A good Australian breakfast is so hard to find here. Breakfast is the most important meal so I’ll go to great lengths to eat a good quality breakfast, while staying in and having a simple dinner at home. PCP is on the other side of town, but I still make the trek. It’s that good!”

 ”We’re probably there at least three or four times per week. You’ll find all the fancy and cool restaurants in every other city guide. This is the real deal for fast, clean, delicious, and cheap Korean food. Bonus – the one on Wilshire in Koreatown is open twenty-four hours and is next door to The Line Hotel.”

CAFÉ The Semi Tropic ”My friend recently introduced me to this place in Echo Park. It’s a bar/lounge at night, but they also serve breakfast and lunch in the daytime. It has more of a sofa and coffee table layout. So it’s a nice place to have a quiet tea or even bring a book. I love when new places like this pop up on the east side.”

Café Stella ”This café in Silver Lake is also nice and moody. Sometimes if there’s a wait for a table, we’ll just sit at the bar, order food and enjoy the ambiance.”

BAR The Rooftop, Ace Hotel 
”I don’t drink, so I tend to stick to the mellower places. This bar is relaxed and I always appreciate good seating options. There’s nothing I hate more than standing at a bar.”

HOTEL The Line Hotel ”I like the simplicity and slightly vintage feel of the rooms at this hotel. And the room service breakfast is super cute. It doesn’t hurt that I live so close also. Whenever friend or business associates comes to town I recommend it. Maybe for selfish reasons, but it’s also just one of the best new hotels on the east side.”

NIGHTCLUB Los Globos ”I don’t go out much at night, but we’ll go to Los Globos in Echo Park for my friend, DJ So Super Sam, and her crew, 143’s, parties. Last time Ginuwine performed! Our other friend, Them Jeans, has a hip hop night there as well. Those are the rare times you’ll see me out at night!”

Acne Studios”The new Downtown Acne is five minutes from my house so I’m there all the time. I’ll sometimes just go for the coffee next door at Il Caffé, but then end up in Acne of course.

Mohawk General Store”I’m not sure if there’s anywhere else on the east side where you can find a beautiful selection of Dries Van Noten, plus killer Japanese home goods and Astier de Villatte candles.

Shop Super Street ”The best new boutique on the west side that’s part cool niche fashion (think Nomia and Y/Project), part skate and streetwear.”

BEAUTY STORE Aesop”Aesop in Silver Lake is where I stock up on their moisturizers, toners, face wash, SPF, shampoo, mouthwash, even my dogs’ shampoo. Basically everything. And they’re always so generous with the samples. Other than that, for makeup, usually Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills because they carry Clé de Peau, Armani, and Nars.” 

ACCESSORIES STORE Céline ”I don’t wear very many every day accessories, but I tend to purchase weird statement ones. And now that I think about it, they’re mostly from Céline. The Céline store in Beverly Hills is always full of temptation. It’s very bad for my bank account.”

FOOD STORE Trader Joe’s ”This is the place for regular groceries, but I always head straight to Gelson’s after for my favorite gluten free bread, specialty apples, and kombucha. I have a thing for apples and Gelson’s stocks seasonal harvests from different farms.”

INTERIOR STORE The Apartment by The Line ”This store has endless home inspiration. It’s actually slightly depressing because you spend an hour wandering inside, dreaming that it’s actually your apartment, and then you have to wake up and go home. It’s just so beautiful and perfectly curated.”

Formerly Yes ”I would love to buy every single thing for my office at Formerly Yes, a new store in Downtown. Sign me up for anything Craft Design Technology or Dieter Rams aesthetic.”

 ”This is a new hot spot, but with that comes crowds. You have to make sure to reserve a ticket ahead of time so you don’t wait too long.

Norton Simon Museum & Huntington Library “I still love these local oldies where the grounds are just as lovely as what’s inside. You can spend a lazy afternoon just meandering.”

THE PLACE TOURISTS NEVER FINDS Arcana Books ”A book store in Culver City. I could spend all day in there. It’s hard for me to go there and leave empty-handed. I’m actually not sure if I ever have. They have every single art book you could imagine and the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. Plus, art books always make nice gifts!”


Photo James W Mataitis Bailey
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