Flight Plan: How to Travel and Arrive Looking Impossibly Fresh

Arrive looking beautiful and feeling good. This is our ultimate inflight beauty guide. Bon voyage!

LOOKING FLY 1: Prep at home
The more you prep at home means the less you need think about en route and when you arrive. This way you can kick back, relax and maybe even catch some beauty sleep. Plus, it’s easier to keep your luggage under twenty-three kilos when you don’t need to pack your entire bathroom vanity.

Exfoliating is the key to feeling refreshed and maintaining a post flight glow. It also allows moisture and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin. Elizabeth Arden Pro Brightening Peel Pads, will give you a salon-worthy peel. Packed with lactic acid, they give you a clearer complexion.

Remember that acids increase sun sensitivity, so if you’re going on a beach holiday opt for a product with a milder enzyme. Pack a sunscreen with an SPF level of at least 30. In-flight air is incredibly dehydrating, so pack on the moisture the night before. We love sleeping with a mask on for the best effects. Try one like Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask.

LOOKING FLY 2: Nice but neat
For an elegant and practical in flight look drape a knitted poncho over your shoulders. It can serve as an inflight blanket if you get you chilly. Filippa K Soft Sport makes clothes you’ll feel stylish in at check-in and landing but are comfortable enough to sleep in. During the holidays they double as workout clothes.

The combination of sitting for a long time and the cabin pressure on a plane can affect your blood circulation. Put on compression socks when you find your seat to prevent swollen feet, varicose veins and even blood clots. Opt for a luxurious silk sleep mask, not only are they super comfortable, but they won’t irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. Aromatherapy Associates Holistic Silk Eye Mask is ultra-relaxing and comes in a lavender scent.

LOOKING FLY 3: Hydrating Inflight Facial
When boredom peaks before dozing off on your window, give your skin a little extra in-flight love. This way you’ll wake up to fully hydrated, glowing skin. Cleansing your face is always a good idea; though, airplane bathrooms are more claustrophobia-inducing than refreshing. Enter cleansing wipes. They are convenient and remove dirt and makeup in one swipe. Best of all, no bathroom is necessary.

Low humidity is extremely dehydrating, even for people who normally don’t suffer from dry skin. Leave the facial mist at home. While they may feel refreshing in the moment, the formulas evaporate quickly. Apply a rich fatty moisturizer that strengthens the skin barrier. It will stay on longer, restore the moisture balance, and give the skin luster.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum are handy. The tiny capsules contain strengthening ceramide serum. Luckily eye cream already comes in travel size, but if you want to indulge a little, pick up an eye mask. Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency Patch works miracles on tired eyes.

Now, if you’re brave enough to risk scaring other passengers, a sheet mask can work wonders. Try SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. And of course, don’t forget your lips! Reach for a nourishing lippie like La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Lips. Last but not least, apply your sunscreen before stepping off the plane.


LOOKING FLY 4: Avoid (h)air disasters
Treat yourself to a visit at the salon before the holidays. Your hair quality will improve and you can say goodbye to dry and damaged hair. Beyond the standard cut and color, are salon treatments that repair, strengthen and prevent frizz, like Matrix Biolage Advanced Repair Inside. Wrap a silk scarf around your hair during the flight to prevent static and keep it tidy. Plus, everyone loves a silk scarf – très chic.

Dry Shampoo is obviously the best invention ever created and many brands have travel size options. Our favorite is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which also adds volume and texture. To help combat frizz bring a small Mason Pearson brush with you. And if your ends are on the dry side massage them with the residue from your face oils or hand crème.

LOOKING FLY 5: Liquid and vitamins
The humidity in the cabin is close to zero, so balance that by drinking plenty of water and loading up on fruits and veggies. They are rich in water, vitamins and minerals. Avoid salt if you have a tendency to bind unnecessary fluids and stay away from carbohydrates that can cause you to bloat. If your aiming to arrive looking fresh, alcohol is not your friend. Try not to eat out of boredom, you don’t need much energy during an eight-hour flight. Pack fresh fruit, unsalted nuts and a box of vegetable sticks instead of munching on airplane food.

LOOKING FLY 6: Skip the foundation
Scale down makeup to the bare essentials and focus on skin care. Feeling naked without makeup? Replace your foundation with a moisturizing BB or CC cream, likes bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. Mascara and sleep masks are not a good combo, so colour your eyelashes at the salon before the trip. Tinted lashes will come in handy throughout your vacay, saving you time (and the pool panda faux pas).

Whip out your makeup bag just before you step off the plane. Reach for creamy products that provide moisture and shine. Multiuse products take up less space and do not require a brush, for example, RMS Lip 2 Cheek. Compacts with a mirror are great for touchups while you’re in your seat. We love Lancôme Miracle Cushion. Highlighter gives the skin an instant freshness upgrade. Dab on RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, above the cheekbones and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat, under your eyes.

LOOKING FLY 7: After landing
Large, dark sunglasses are not just for superstars landing at LAX. Remember that your eyes need light to tackle jet lag. Bloated? Dandelion root, available at health food stores, is a lightly diuretic. Does your hotel have a spa? Why not give yourself a beauty experience and book a massage to relax your muscles and jumpstart circulation.