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SKINCARE ”I’m obsessed with skincare, sometimes I’m scared it might scare people off. I’ve got and mixed skin type, but the older I get the more moisture I need. That cleansing was highly important I learned early from my grandmother. The face needs to be clean or else everything else wont have any affect. I’m using cleansing and face water from Carita. I cant live with out face water – It feels like a crucial step to clean skin.”

SERUM ”Serum is my thing, I’m crazy for it. I use several different ones in different ways. I put it under my facemasks, or I’ll just make a mask out of it by putting on an extra thick layer. If you’re going to invest in something I think it should be serum. Transderma M, which is a favourite of mine, is extremely boosting and rich – that one in particular I’ll use as a facemask. Other than that one I use Carita for the day and Paula’s Choice for the night – but I exchange a lot and use different ones for day and night as well as season. I use a day cream from Carita for my face and eye- serum and cream from La Prairie.”

FACE MASK ”I sleep with a facemask three to four times a week. There is no point in letting it sit for 15 minutes, then you might as well not do it. I’ve got three that I currently use; one from La Prairie, Sublimage Masque from Chanel and a moisture bomb from Beauté Pacific. Put one layer of serum on and then the mask – from me to you.”

EXPERT ADVICE “I go to Annica Forsgren at Skincity for advice regarding my beauty and skin care. She’s such a professional, we can talk forever. It’s hard to know what you need when it comes to your skin, so I recommend everyone to get some help. One period of my life my skin was completely destroyed because I used too many expensive creams, but my skin therapist could help me figure out what I needed. Whenever I’m curious to try something new I go to a therapist that works with that particular brand and get their expertise on it. At the moment I go to Electa in Stockholm for Carita-treatments. My skin is given moisture and special goods with the help of a air technique – the luster the day after is unbelievable.”

FEEL GOOD CREAMS ”I take my time to moisture my skin, I think I’m a little extra caring in this department. The scents, soft textures and massaging – it’s one of my favourite moments. For my body I use a serum from Beauté Pacific and then a thicker cream from Paula’s Choice. The combination leaves my skin moisturized for at least 3 days. My best budget tip is to use coffee leftovers as a bodyscrub – I mix it with honey and use it for the whole body. It does however get a little dirty in the shower so I mostly do it outside during summer. There is something about the caffeine that makes the skin tighten.”

QUICK MAKE UP ”I’m pretty lazy about the every day make up. I get my eyelashes done by Thobias so I don’t have to think about mascara. Most of my make up is from Chanel. It’s something I have from my grandmother – that was the ultimate luxury, to go with her to the Chanel desk and buy something. I can’t live without their eyeliner, all the other ones I’ve tried just fades away.”

MY MAKE UP ARTIST ”I have the luxury of getting my face done by make up artist Anna Kokotos quite often. We’ve worked together for 15 years – she’s done me and my sisters make up for book launches, TV appearances and weddings. When she does my make up she always starts with the eyes – that takes a while. She works hard with the eyeshadow and then she adds the rest of the make up – foundation, concealer and rouge. This way – she’s told me – the eye shadow gets more intense, stays on better and she doesn’t have to worry about potential pigments falling down on my face.”

NAILS ”The only way to keep my nails looking good when having two small children is to visit a nail saloon and get a gel polish treatment. I like to have coloured nail polish, and I think that darker shades is an easy way of adding something to your outfit. If I want to feel extra taken care of and look nice, getting my eyelashes and nails done is what I do.”

HAIR ”Steve Terry at YOU Stockholm is the boss of my hair – he does what’s best for me, and then I don’t have to think about it anymore. I’ll never be that person that has got the perfect hair do, I just like to put it up in a simple pony tail. I like the Parisian hair do – easy and messy. I love to visit Steve, he always says the nicest things so I always leave feeling great. There is a rush in doing small changes to my look, like changing the colour of my hair. My favourite product is a dry shampoo from Bumble and Bumble.”

PERFUME ”I use Chanel, but I wear different for day and night. ‘Beige’ for the day and ‘Coco Noir’ for the evening. Lately, I’ve gone from flowery scents to more heavy scents, wanting to feel more like a woman. I think it has to do with getting older, I feel that I can carry the heavier ones now. I like the thought of having signature scents, but you shouldn’t shy from trying new ones. Scents and smells can really affect your mood and sometimes that little change is what you need.”

Photo Pauline Suzor