The Top Stylist’s Guide to Fashionable Florence

Diletta Bonaiuti work as a stylist for super shop Hear her speak about her hometown Florence – and get her best addresses.


Diletta, tell us about your work. ”I help create editorials for marketing and campaigns for the website. I love art and photography, which truly inspire my work. Music and good movies accompany me during most of my days and nights. I also love cooking and therefore eat a lot! And I love fashion of course!”

How long have you lived in Florence? “I’ve lived in Florence since the day I was born. But I’m forced to leave often due to my work duties. My job takes me to Milan and Paris several times a year. It’s easier to find talented photographers, equipped studios and professional models there.”

What do you love about your hometown? “Florence is a special city. It’s tiny and cozy but also grand and unique.It has a really artistic soul, the sublime architecture of the noble family’s buildings and churches surround your every step. You can cross the center in ten minutes walking, and you can spend twenty minutes staring at Ponte Vecchio trying to take the perfect picture. I’m a meteoropathic person, and I’m very lucky to live here, where the sun shines most days.”

 Why should we visit? “You have to visit Florence at least once in your lifetime. Apart from visiting important museums and exhibitions, in Florence you can experience some of the best cuisine in the world. There’s plenty of restaurants for all budgets and tastes. Also shopping is pretty interesting, you can find the most prestigious boutiques and small sought-after vintage shops.”

Describe the vibe? “You can’t describe Florence as the city that never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. There are different spots in the city to hang at and each place provides a different kind of entertainment. When I go out I know I’ll find my friends at certain places even without hearing from them. There are local trendy places where we just wander by and I always find some friends hanging there.”

What are the residents like? “Florence is a small city, we all know each other and our stories. It can be cool or not but it makes you feel like you belong to a big family. Florentines are also well known for their city pride and gladly welcome people.”

How fashion savvy is the women in Florence? “The first fashion show was held in Palazzo Pitti. It was opened by then, nineteen-year-old, Roberto Capucci, from this moment Florence was no longer just a town of artisans. It created competinio for the catwalks of Paris. To this day fashion is still a big part of our heritage and culture. Women in Florence follow fashion trends but have a touch of elegance that is unique to Florence.”


“Rivoire is a historic cafè situated in the beautiful Piazza Signoria, which is famous for its delicious hot chocolate.”

Giacosa ”Another historic café, known as the birthplace of the Negroni cocktail, that designer Roberto Cavalli has in his Via Tornabuoni boutique.”

Hotel Savoy
 “Hotel Savoy situated in Piazza Republica has a strategic location. Overlooking the central Piazza della Republica, Hotel Savoy is halfway between the Uffizi Gallery and Florence Cathedral. The rooms feature elegant contemporary style, which combines Italian design with artwork inspired by local fashion houses.”

Villa Cora ”Villa Cora is a nineteenth century building surrounded by a park with an outdoor swimming pool. It is just over one mile from the center of Florence and perfect for a relaxing holiday thanks to its spas.

Soprano Suites ”Soprarno Suites in Via Maggio is a B&B with a young, fresh and curated design.”

 “One of Florence’s best restaurants. It has the flair and enthusiasm of its owner, Fabio Picchi. You can find very tasty food cooked with love and tradition.”

Santo Bevitore ”A lively restaurant in Via Santo Spirito. I love how they mix typical Tuscan recipes with innovative ingredients.”

Vecchia Bettola ”Vecchia Bettola, in Piazza Tasso, is a humble and ordinary trattoria, but it deserves to be tried! Their simple plates remind me of when I was young and my family gathered at my grandmother’s house to enjoy lunch together. You must try the Penne alla Bettola, which is pasta with a tomato vodka sauce.”

Il Palagio
 “The Four Seasons’ star restaurant Il Palagio offers the tastiest brunch in the city. It is well known for their special club sandwich. Away from the noise, you can find Amblé, nestled in a quaint enclosed plaz. Amblé’s lounge environment invites you to eat and shop simultaneously. Everything is on sale, from the furniture, chairs, tables, and sofas, to the very porcelain cups from which you sip lime blossom and ginseng tea.”

Ditta Artigianale ”A pretty new café in Via dei Neri, it was inspired by family-run shops, which, in the 50’s, created the legacy Italian coffee worldwide.”

Odeon Bistrò
”This is the place to be! You can meet your friends and drink cocktails before going to the club downstairs. Volume is an ex carpentry workshop, which is now a pub. Listen to live music, blues and folk there. it Is situated in the most frequented square of the city, Piazza Santo Spirito.”

Luisa Via Roma
”It’s a three floor, multi-brand store situated in Via Roma near the Duomo. They have luxury and contemporary designers and is well known for their research of new talents. I love vintage clothing and buy things that nobody can find! Angelo Vintage has a very interesting selection. You can find Chanel, Céline, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci – unique pieces, gorgeous sunglasses and precious jewelry.”

“L’Officina profumo-farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is considered the oldest historic pharmacy in Europe today. It is located in the convent of Santa Maria Novella. They sell ancient preparations, cosmetics, fragrances, extracts and essences, herbals, liquors and more. You can spend all the day in this extraordinary store discovering all their products and their benefits.”


The Mall
 “A luxury outlet center that gives you the opportunity to buy high fashion brands like Valentino, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Fendi, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and more at special prices. The Mall is in the Tuscan countryside, just thirty minutes from Florence. There is a shuttle service that takes you there.”

La Rinascente ”It´s situated in the heart of Florence, is a few steps from historic treasures of the city. La Rinascente is the ideal place to find the best in fashion, accessories, beauty, interiors and design.”

Mercato Centrale
 “Mercato Centrale has bread, confectionary, fresh fish, fried food, rissoles, fruits, vegetables, meats and salami buffalo mozzarella, cheeses, chocolate and ice cream, fresh pasta, wines and sandwiches. All the shops in this market are run by artisanal traders who share a passion for their craft. You can also find places to sit and enjoy the wholesome fare.”

Antica Macelleria Falorni ”Founded in 1806, is an historic butcher’s shop in Greve in Chianti. It just opened a small space in the Centre of Florence where you can taste and buy their specialty products.”

Antonio Lionetti Home Design
“A cozy atelier. Interior designer Antonio Lionetti gives life to his restoration projects, which have been his passion and occupation for over twenty years.”

 “One of the most famous painting and sculpture museums in the world. Their collection of Primitive and Renaissance paintings comprise several universally acclaimed masterpieces of all time, including works by Giotto, Botticelli, Mantegna, Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Caravaggio. Strozzina is an international contemporary art center. It is devoted to producing thematic exhibitions, linked to the most up to date scientific research on current trends in contemporary culture.”

La Specola ”The most important natural history museum in Italy. You can find articles from sixteenth-century herbaria and precious eighteenth-century waxworks. The collection is vast including large tourmaline crystals and Aztec relics.”

Rive Gauche
”Near Ponte Vecchio, in Via de Guicciardini. They sell many interesting boots in a vintage style but newly made.”

Le Tre Panche
“Le Tre Panche means the three benches. It’s a cozy Tuscan three table restaurant located right outside of downtown Florence. It offers Tuscany’s most amazing truffle dishes. It is a tiny place and reservations are a must.”

Museo Stibbert ”An amazing museum created by Frederick Stibbert. In the late 1800s his grandfather accumulated an incredible fortune, which passed on to Frederick, who started to collect armory, paintings, ceramics and costumes from all over the world, transforming his house into a real museum.”

“Piazza Santo Spirito
is my favourite square. It’s clean and quiet by day and full of life by night. There are many restaurants and bars nearby. On Sundays there is a lovely market where you can buy old furniture, clothes and food.”

Photo Sara Mautone

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