Olivier Rousteing: ”My Nike Collection is About Being the Winner”

The Uefa Euro 2016 in France is coming up and of course it´s time to put some French style to sports. Nike Lab hooked up with Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing for a special collection.


Track pants, circa 1 900 kr/205€. Sports bra, circa 1 450 kr/155€. Sneakers, circa 1 450 kr/160€.

NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing: Football Nouveau is the name of a new collab between sports giant Nike and fashion poster boy Olivier Rousteing to celebrate the fact that France host the the European championship that starts on June 10. Are you going to France for a game this summer? Well, buckle up in gold and black!

Olivier, we love the trackpants – tell us about them!
”I love them too! You can wear these throughout the day for comfort or with a tailored jacket or different garments and still feel cool, strong and sexy. It was interesting to find the right shape with Nike because you want to feel sexy, but still feel comfortable and able to move.”

What is your first memory of Nike?
”My first pair of Air Max. I was 14 or 15 and had asked my parents for them because I didn’t have the money. This was a nice memory. I remember I wanted to get a job through the summer so I could get those shoes. They were very special to me. I remember I was the first one to get them in my school. I was really proud of them.”

What is your motto in fashion?
”Always be true to yourself. I really think that this collection reflects who I am. I am someone who dares, is not afraid, is always in competition with myself and that is what you feel with this collection. It is all about being the winner, being someone that is not afraid, being powerful, and being confident. This collection is all about what I dream and who I am. I thank Nike for letting me be myself and I am really proud of this collaboration.”

And we must ask – who is your current favorite football player?
”My favorite current football player is Cristiano Ronaldo because not only is he strong on the field, but he also has a strong personality. He is very stylish and you can see he is a great example for young fans. He also has a glam lifestyle and brings a healthy fashion to sport. ”

NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing: Football Nouveau is launched on NikeLab on the June 2.

Photographer Meinke Klein
Stylist Jos van Heel
Hair/makeup Eva Copper
Model Kiki Boreel/Code
NUVARANDE Olivier Rousteing: ”My Nike Collection is About Being the Winner”
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