Meet Stella McCartney’s New Muses – the Next Generation of Role Models

STYLEBY talked to the stars of Stella McCartney's Pop Perfume.


Stella McCartney took a different direction when choosing the faces of her new Pop fragrance, ignoring the usual supermodels and going for a new type of influencers instead. The ad features cool girls who think that speaking out is more important than taking selfies. We talked to three of the girls, black rights activist and actress Amandla Stenberg, indie pop star Grimes, and animal rights focused model Kenya Kinski Jones.


The Hunger Games actress, 17-year-old Amandla Stenberg, is already a role model. Last year, “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows,” a video on cultural misappropriation that she made as a school project, went viral and she was named ”Feminist of the Year” by the Ms. Foundation for Women.

What do you love about Stella? “I love her cheeky British humor. She also has an incredible artistic vision that I respect.”

Why did you agree to be part of this campaign?  “I agreed to do Pop because I love the message behind it – female empowerment!”

What do you like about the fragrance? “The fragrance is awesome. I’m a huge fan of florals. I love how fresh it feels and also how sandalwood brings warmth to the fragrance.”

What would you like to see change in this world? “I’d like to see a lot of things change. Any type of change starts with conversation. I want to see all kinds of people have their stories told through the media.”

Who has been an inspiration for you? “I have so many different inspirations. Solange for her vision and aesthetics, she’s my style icon. Ava DuVernay, who has become a mentor for me. Also artists like Frida Kahlo and actresses like Meryl Streep. Women who are creative inspire me. “

What is your idea of modern day beauty?  “Just being yourself, there’s something that’s so powerful from the light that radiates from you when you’re comfortable in your own skin. It’s something my mom taught me, that when you’re comfortable with yourself, it becomes contagious.”

Do you have any words that you live by?  “Surrender and radiate inside and out.”


Being the daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones and actress Nastassja Kinski, she is a Hollywood heiress, but besides her famous family and increasing model career she’s also an animal right activist – just like Stella McCartney.

What do you think about the fragrance?  “Pop is very feminine and fun. It’s youthful and unique.”

What do you love about Stella McCartney?  “Not only does Stella make beautiful, electrifying, feminine pieces but they also stand for something. They stand for the rights of animals and the protection of the planet. With that, Stella redefines fashion which is incredibly cool.”

In terms of the environment, how important are animals to you?  “When I was eight years old I decided to be a vegetarian. Since I was a little girl, I always felt a strong desire and responsibility to be a voice for animals on this planet. I grew up with eight dogs, five cats and two horses, and a lot of them were rescues. These animals taught me responsibility, love and selflessness. I always say my childhood horse, Lilo, raised me in a sense. I learned so much from her. It destroys me to think of the ways animals are treated in slaughter houses, or the rates at which certain species are becoming instinct. There is no justification. It is such a miracle to be alive on this planet, everyone deserves to relish in the miracle of being alive.“

What’s your idea of modern day beauty?  “A woman who is natural and effortless. She doesn’t take herself so seriously. She’s passionate, curious, educated and flawed in the best way.”

Are there any words that you live by?  “Truth, compassion and kindness.”

Who has been an inspiration to you?  “My sister Rashida (Jones, actress and screen writer, editor’s note). She’s been such a great role model for me growing up. She’s such a hard worker, creative, and is really aware of what’s going on in the world. She tries to make a difference in her own way.“


Claire Elise Boucher, better known as indie pop sensation Grimes, is a singer, songwriter, record producer and music video director. But the perfume campaign isn’t Grimes’ only modelling work – she recently starred in Alexander Wang’s ads and has also been on the cover of both Dazed and Confused and Another Magazine.

Do you wear perfume a lot?  “Yes I do.“

Why did you say yes to do the campaign?  “Stella honestly just really convinced me. I’ve never done something like this before. I care a lot about sustainability and fashion, I love what Stella is doing so I wanted to support her. I also have never done a fragrance campaign before.“

What is your idea of beauty?  “Anything executed with confidence is beautiful to me.”

What do you like the most about the fragrance?  “I love the sandalwood aspect. Sandalwood is one of my favorite smells so I really like it.”

How do you feel about working with the cast of girls?  “It’s really cool and I like and respect all of them.”

What’s your idea of modern day beauty?  “People who are unique.“

What would you like see change in the world for the future?  “The education of women is the most important thing. Environmental issues and poverty issues all stem from education in my opinion.”

What makes you stand up and pay attention?  “Passion, seeing someone who really cares about something.”

How would you describe your new album?  “Heartfelt and nebulous.”

Who is your music icon?  “My biggest music icon is Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. He does everything himself and is a real author.”

What is your process when making music and art? How do they co-exist?  “They co-exist because they come from the same person. In my mind I don’t separate them, it all goes through the same filter.”­


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