Italy is Love: Top 3 Destinations to Visit According to our Favorite Italian Women

The dresses in Domenic Dolce and Stenfano Gabbana’s spring collection look like truly magnificent postcards. What Italian holiday treasures would STYLEBY’s favorite Italians recommend?

Giorgia Tordini’s Favignana
Giorgia originates from Milan and is now a New York resident. Apart from running a brand together with Gilda Ambrosio, she’s also a fashion veteran and an absolute favorite among streetstyle photographers.

“I visit the island of Favignana in Sicily every summer. I try to go in June or July when there are fewer people and the atmosphere’s very relaxing. The landscape is completely breathtaking. There are no white beaches, no beaches at all, really, just cliffs and caves. The ocean is the most intense blue. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it with your own eyes. Everything looks like a postcard. I like the quiet island life. Just like in most of southern Italy, it doesn’t involve stress. Pack some fresh fruit, a towel and a nice book, ride your bike to a bay and you’re set for the week. There’s nothing better than sunbathing on the cliffs, having a nice swim, dozing off and then starting it all over again. It’s the perfect life – wild and spontaneous.

Favignana is my


Favignana is a wonderful city. The square looks like a scene from a Tornatore movie. Children are playing soccer and riding bikes in the sunset and there’s that characteristic background murmur of waiters setting tables. And the food! It’s a chapter of its own. It contains just a few local, raw ingredients – all top quality. Sicilian food is simple and magical. You can keep eating forever. If you ever need a wonderful spot to relax, Favignana is that special place you’re looking for. It’s my paradise.”

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Liselotte Watkins’ Palermo
Liselotte is Sweden’s best known fashion illustrator, whose illustrations have even appeared in a Miu Miu collection. She’s been living in Italy for many years, first in i Milan but for a while now she has been living in Rome with her family.

“Our first summer in Italy, eight years ago, we spent in Sicily. We rented three different houses and spent one week in each. One in Palermo, on the northwest coast of the island, one in Taormina on the east coast, and one on a mountaintop in the middle. We grew an intense hatred for Taormina and the mountaintop was so high I can’t even remember where it was located. But Palermo was the most beautiful thing we’d ever seen, and we’ve kept visiting the same area ever since. We go by car and take the boat from Napoli to Palermo, before driving to Castellamare del Golfo. Since the average temperature in August is around 40° C (104° F), we started renting a house in the mountains to get a little breeze at night. We have lunch in Scopello, where there’s a little square with restaurants and cafés. After that we go swimming in Tonnara di Scopello, or somewhere else along the coast where you can rent a boat to dive from.

Palermo is the most beautiful
thing we’ve ever seen


We’re dreaming of buying our own house, with a garden full of cacti, a peach grove and fig trees. A place to spend all summer, only leaving for Palermo over the weekends. We’ll be walking around the historic parts, looking at the old brocade wallpaper and broken marble floors inside the dilapidated old palaces. We’ll dine at the restaurant with the worst neon lighting, which means they have the very best food. My best advice, if you don’t want to look like a total tourist in Sicily: if you go to a beach and there’s only one other family, place your towel near them. If you enter a restaurant or a bar that is empty except for a single couple at a table, sit next to them. This is simply how people do it in Italy. Everybody wants to stay close and talk a lot. Anyone who sits far away is most likely a tourist.

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Chiara Totire’s Torre Guaceto
Chiara used to work for Gioia and Grazia and is now the fashion coordinator for Vogue Japan, where she works with fellow Italian Anna dello Russo. She was born in Bari but moved to Milan a few years ago.

“My favorite spot is a beach called Torre Guaceto, a preserve close to Brindisi in the south of Puglia. Unlike every other beach, there are usually just a few people there since it’s pretty hard to reach. You have to walk through the woods for a long time before you get to the ocean, but once you arrive you realize right away that it was well worth the walk. You’re all alone, and the rough landscape – completely different from all the other beaches – has that distinct feeling of rare and unexploited beauty. This is one of the few places where I feel I belong. It gives me a sense of peace and happiness, and I go whenever I need to nurture my soul.

Enjoy your privacy in
Torre Guaceto


I would recommend Ostuni and the restaurants of the historical centre. L’osteria del Tempo Perso, a small restaurant inside a cave, is a favorite of mine. The food is fantastic and the surroundings are very romantic – just like my favorite beach.”

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