Isabel Marant

Welcome to the early '80s, where punk and cocktail fashion are in. Let's make nightlife great for dressing up again!



WHY WE LOVE IT  We love a minimal outfit, for sure, but we have longing for a bit more of a sassy vibe, cocktail dresses, and maybe a bit more fun. You get that in Isabel Marant’s new collection.

TYPICAL LOOKS  Really cool skirts combined with long-sleeved, cool tops, belted everything, and good coats.

HIGHLIGHTS Everything in patent! The coats with the rounded back, yet extra large shoulders. That closing look – the black dress!

TRENDS TO WATCH The extra large shoulders, the ”extra everything” vibe and the ruffles!

Video: FatalefashionIII
NUVARANDE Isabel Marant
NÄSTA Vêtements Fall Winter 2016