Amanda Schulman visar sin garderob

Amanda Schulman från "Fredagspodden” och Daisy Grace har en underbar stil där festkläder får stort fokus. Titta in i denna mediastjärnas härliga garderob.

Amanda Shulman visar sina beautyköp här!



STYLE “I’m a mix of cool and elegant – I’m trying to find my own style somewhere in between.”

DESIGNER “Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Philip Lim and Chloé.”

JEWELRY “My everyday jewelry are all gifts from my husband. Occasionally I’ll wear a big bracelet or necklace from Chanel that I love.”

SHOES “I’m probably most comfortable in a pair of Havaianas, that means I’m totally relaxed. I wear my motorcycle boots every day and for parties I’ll put on a heel.”

EVERYDAY OUTFIT “I don’t think I have a uniform and I don’t wish to have one either. I always make an effort to look nice, it would be boring if I always wore the same thing. That would give me no challenge.”

PARTY LOOK “The dress. I love dresses and if I’m wearing one, it’s officially a party.”

BAGS “I don’t have a favourite. I love all my bags and there are thousands more I wish I had. But I’ve still got time, luckily!”

MOST STARTLING ITEM “That will have to be my collection of tuxedo dresses that I’ve worn to weddings. It’s always the same group of people that throw these kind of weddings, so I always need a new dress. I probably have about fifteen tuxedo dresses I’ll never wear again…”

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BEST BUY “A brown leather dress from Plein Sud – I wore it every weekend throughout my early twenties. I tried it on a few years ago but it was more like a top, still gorgeous though! I also love a grey/silver cardigan from Filippa K that turned out to be a perfect wardrobe piece, it goes with everything.”


MOST USED ITEM “Two silk tops from Philip Lim, I’ve got one in black and one in white and I wear them day and night. And the cardigan from Filippa K.”

INSPIRATION “I love to be inspired by other people and I devour magazines. I’m mostly inspired by those who have a strong personal style and goes for it, all in. Women who dress as the women they wish to be are also very inspiring.”

STYLE TIP “Balance. That’s how I dress. Finding a great looking clothing piece is not difficult, it’s styling it with the rest that’s the tricky part – accomplish that and you’ve got style.”

CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF “Bags, shoes and party pieces. I’m terrible at shopping for everyday basics, but I’m becoming better at it. Then there’s this; I love pajamas and sweats! When I’m at home I can’t stand walking around in my normal clothing. This is especially funny as my husband has no problem watching TV in a suit jacket, right then and there we look very odd.”

JEANS “Rag & Bone.”

WALLET “At the moment I’ve got a pink card holder from Miu Miu. It fits in every bag or pocket.” 

SUNGLASSES “I have one pair from Linda Farrow and one pair from The Row which I like a lot. But being both a mother of two and a little careless means I really shouldn’t have any expensive eyewear. I love Triwa, they’ve got great stuff at great prices.”

BEAUTY “Dermalogica, Decleor, Chanel and Exuviance. I believe that we need to change our beauty products to give our skin an awakening so it doesn’t become resistant. Give it a shock!”

BEAUTY FAVOURITES “I love serum, it’s definitely my favourite category within beauty. Other than that Giorgio Armani’s lipsticks and Chanel’s eyeliners are the best.” READ MORE HERE!

SCENT “Chanel Mademoiselle.”

BEAUTY TIP “Cleanse, moisturize, scrub and get some time in the sauna! I do it once a week and every day in the summer. Visit a skin therapist, they can help you figure out what your skin needs – it’s hard to know on your own. It doesn’t matter how great your products are if they’re not suited for you.”

WELLNESS “I go for walks, runs, and Pilates when I’m on good behaviour.”

READ “I love my husband’s writing.”


NIGHTLIFE “I visit a few select, classic restaurants in Stockholm – like Sturehof. I don’t like to be disappointed, and I know I never will be there.”

FAVOURITE CITY “I like London. I used to live there. Now, since we have small children, we go on twenty-four hour visits. I go to my favourite shops, have good meals, stay in a nice hotel and then we go back home. It’s the perfect mini trip.”

FAVOURITE SHOP “I’m crazy about department stores, so it will have to be NK in Stockholm. I also like the Acne Studios store at Norrmalmstorg. And nothing beats the department stores in London; Liberty, Selfridges and Matches Fashion. I actually used to work there, but it’s a better store to shop at than work in.”

Photo Kjell B Persson


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