You will recognize the geeky Gucci girl, but she's gone a bit more street this season.


WHY WE LOVE IT Just when you thought street style was dead, a hip new designer embraced the whole idea of out-there styling. Gucci just rocketed to the top of the charts while keeping its place as one of the most exciting labels du jour. The new broad shoulders are great and the grafitti bags and jackets are top notch.

TYPICAL LOOKS It’s that geeky girl walking outside a fashion show (or the library) again, but with power shoulders and a bit more edge than before.

HIGHLIGHTS The cool puffer shoulders are really flattering and give you that extra zest. The power suits, surprisingly non-colourful and non-extravagant.The massive take on jewelry is everywhere!

TRENDS TO WATCH The extra large shoulders, the way that garments are embellished, the way jewelry is used in the styling, and the ruffled blouses.

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