Actress Gal Gadot Reveals Her Best Beauty Tips

Israeli actress and beauty queen, Gal Gadot, is the name on everyone’s lips this spring. Thanks to her role as Wonder Woman in the new, Batman vs. Superman the world is buzzing. Gal, who is also the face of Gucci Bamboo, shared some of her favourite beauty tricks with us.

From Gucci Girl to Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, is one strong lady in any context.

“I love to be part of both worlds, both as an actor and as the face of a fragrance. I’m drawn to roles where I can play independent, tough women that I admire; but nothing beats the glamour of being a Gucci woman. Being a good role model is important for me, especially now that my daughter is getting bigger. I want her to grow up and know that she can accomplish anything.” 

What’s the biggest difference between making a campaign film and a feature film?
”In a fragrance campaign, it’s about a feeling that should be delivered. Usually the script is not as detailed as in a feature film which also develops the character more. But a campaign is as extensive as recording a trailer, at least, and is a beautiful addition to my career.”

Gal’s best beauty tricks

SKIN CARE COMES FIRST ”In terms of makeup my principle is, less is more, but I’m very careful with my skin care. I follow my skin care procedures strictly. Cleanse, moisturize and drink plenty of water, these are the pillars. One of my best beauty tricks is to mix foundation with cream, it gives the skin a nice, moist finish.”

MOISTURE REFRESH ”I always wear lip balm, and always carry a spray bottle with water from Evian or La Roche-Posay. When my makeup looks dry, I give my face a shower.”

A PERFUME TO IMPRESS ”Scent gives you a stronger presence and for me the smell is like a second skin. When Gucci called, I was thrilled. The mix between the feminine and powerful fragrance notes in Gucci Bamboo makes for a beautiful and unforgettable scent.”

WORKING OUT THREE DAYS A WEEK ”I work out a lot. I prefer CrossFit and TRX, but during the summer I love to paddle board. I eat healthy but forbid nothing – I think that can make you obsesses.”

Gal Gadot Beauty Favorites

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