Beauty in a Bottle: 5 Super Charged Face Mists You Need to Own

Refresh your skin with a new crop of hydrating face mists. Keep one of these on the go hydrators in your bag at all times. We love a quick fix and these eaux florales are a one-step solution for radiant skin that will leave you looking and smelling amazing. Whether your midflight or baking on a beach—max out on radiance this summer with beauty in a bottle. Prime, protect and refresh your complexion with our edit of super charged spritzes.


Filorga Skin Perfusion Eau Anti-Age Mist
Get ready for a serious case of love at first whiff. Before we go into how this works (which is amazing by the way) we need to wax poetic about its heavenly scent. Filorga perfectly imagines what hydration smells like, which is apparently accented by milky floral notes. This refreshing addition to the Skin Perfusion line, moisturizes the skin and keeps you looking young. The hallmark of the range is anti-aging and we love that they added a face mist to the mix. A few sprays poolside is all you’ll need to hit the refresh button on your complexion. And the fragrance is good enough to double as perfume. We’re sold.

Shiseido Quick Fix Ibuki Mist
This new generation face mist will set your makeup and give good moisture without the overly matte complexion à la 1990. It’s a multitasker that does way more than just mist. One fragrant spritz is all it takes to unleash your inner glow. The humectant rich, gel absorbs quickly and sprays on clear. The sleek bottle is small and light, making it an ideal travel companion.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Hydrating Antioxidant Spray
Ferulic acid, and white tea are just two of the hydrating ingredients in this amazing spray. Mist sporadically while on the go or incorporate it into your daily routine for noticeable results. Prime your skin with the super-charged antioxidant packed formula, on the daily for dewy skin that glows.

La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale
La Roche-Posay’s spring water in a bottle weighs practically nothing, so there’s no excuse not to bring it everywhere you go this summer. It’s a face mist in the truest sense. The addition of antioxidants and minerals gives the formula soothing anti-inflammatory benefits making it a no brainer for people with sensitive skin. One generous spritzing will cool you down just don’t forget to hold down the top for continuous misting.

Kicks Perfect Finish Face Mist
On the market for a budget setting spray that doubles as face mist—we’ve got you covered. Hold the bottle an arm’s length away from your face and spray to your heart’s content. The formula comes out forcefully so distance is key. It initially goes on quite sticky but settles into the skin with a silky smooth finish. Keep your makeup from melting away at a seriously good price point.

By Aimee Blaut




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