Congratulations to Hannah Widell & Amanda Schulman on your first show at Fashion Week Stockholm – you entered with a bang! Read what the sisters said after the show.

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It must have been a crazy experience to do your first fashion show? ”It was. We’ve been dreaming of this moment since we were kids playing about in the closet with mom’s clothes, and here we are now. Now we’re actually doing it in front of  the fashion crowd. We’ve learnt a lot through this experience and we have so much respect for fashion designers out there, it’s one hell of a job and requires so many talented, hard working people which we are lucky to have in our team.”

Was it obvious for you to show at Fashion Week? ”When we first launched Daisy Grace, it was with Fashion Week in mind. We wanted to follow the interesting and exciting trend of showing a see-now-shop-immediately collection and therefore decided to launch our fall collection right after our show time slot at Fashion Week. We want to be in the frontier of innovative ways to market and show fashion, so it was an obvious choice for us.”


What has been your mood behind the collection? ”This collection is inspired by the glamour that you can find in the big cities all around the world, such as finding love while drinking a dry martini at a bar; or a hotel with its incredible interior designs; the playful textiles and its heavy velvet curtains. We are also focusing a lot on always staying creative and playful, which is why we have included a lot of bows and puffy sleeves in this collection. The combination of velvet, silk and lace makes this collection exciting, sensual and fearless, with a thin line between the feminine and the masculine. It’s a mix between Daisy and Grace and is therefore named Big City Love.”

What look/piece is your favorite from the runway collection? ”Our velvet suits are the base of this collection and can be mixed and matched with different styles of shut pants and jacket lengths. It’s our absolute favorite look for this fall. Our bomber jacket is also a key favorite with the puffed arms.”

See Hannah & Amanda on stage at STYLEBY Trend Talks. Buy your ticket here!

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