#1: The Underwear Rule

During the month of July STYLEBY is offering you 31 of our greatest style tips ever, the best  products that always deliver, and fashion classics you should have in your closet. These style tips will enhance your style forever. Enjoy!

Put some effort into the garments you’re wearing closest to your skin. Don’t accept uncomfortable edges or rough materials. Exchange your lingerie wardrobe regularly as it shouldn’t stay the same for too long. Black, seamless panties of a plainer model go with everything and always look good – but make sure to always keep a pair of nude panties, for wearing under white clothes. When choosing the color of your underwear, it’s easiest sticking with just one and keeping bras and panities uniformed. That way you’re always well dressed underneath, even if you’d happen to be closing your eyes when grabbing something from the lingerie drawer. Try on different types of bras with different clothes to find out which ones go best together.

”The basic black set”
Bra, Baserange, 450 SEK/48€.
Briefs, Baserange, 235 SEK/25€.

”The nude comfort”
Camisole, Hanro, 330 SEK/35€.
Briefs, Stella McCartney, 280 SEK/30€.

”Sporty and daring”
Bra, Wolford, 1 400 SEK/151€.
Briefs, Lindex, 129 SEK/14€.

NUVARANDE #1: The Underwear Rule
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