Acne Studios

See Acne Studios' FW16 collection shown in Paris. Radiant rock icons The Cramps get a second life in this great collection.


WHY WE LIKE IT Johnny Johansson’s main inspiration is one of the coolest bands that ever rocked the world: The Cramps. It’s hard to fail with the magnificent frontman Lux Interior (imagine a man in bodystocking and high heels) and the mean maven Poison Ivy (red hair, body or bikini, leopard print, great guitar) as your gender-bender guidelines. Everybody should!

TYPICAL LOOKS Bodystockings combined with XL-sized cool stuff.

HIGHLIGHTS The sheer long-sleeve bodystockings you wear under other garments (we love the leopard ones) that easy give any garment more attitude. The puffer jackets with buttons that make you create your own silhouette. What a fun idea. All the shiny stuff!

TRENDS TO WATCH The puffer jacket is everywhere this fall. Acne is one of those who does the best. They are experts in outerwear, after all.

Video: FatalefashionIII
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