#7. Plan Your Purchases

During the month of July STYLEBY is offering you 31 of our greatest style tips ever, the best  products that always deliver, and fashion classics you should have in your closet. These style tips will enhance your style forever. Enjoy!


To plan your purchases is the key to a successful wardrobe, without those slips you easily buy under pressure. Think about it: What do you want? What do you need? Think unity. Perhaps your next knitted sweater should have a little more character, to give you that extra something you’ve been missing in your everyday look? Make up your mind to stop buying those random, weird tops and invest in that shirt you really need instead. Keep a list on your phone, it will help you stay focused. If the garment isn’t on the list, you’re not buying it without very good reason.

Dress, Ellery, 9 318 SEK/100€
Blazer, Sonia Rykiel, 13 058 SEK/1380€
Shoes, Zara, 299 SEK/32€

NUVARANDE #7. Plan Your Purchases
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